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Life in a Dessert #Throwback

#Throwback to the time we always got Italian Ice.

When we first walk in to Frostbites: Crepes & Frozen Delights, we were excited to try something new. The place wasn't that big, but there were so many choices and combinations to choose from. You can pick from a Sorbet Chill (plain Italian ice) or a Sorbet Cream (Italian ice with vanilla cream). Orange Ice in a Sorbet Cream became one of the favorites together with watermelon flavors and taro.

Looking back at this experience, it's our life in a dessert. We make different choices in life and these choices can result in something bad or good. And there can be choices that stick for the rest of our life.

Remember to learn, laugh, and venture. 


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Sequence: Board Game

So I have not been posting at the same frequency as I started. Anyways, who is excited with our week's mail. We found a promo code for a board game a few weeks ago. Since we don't know how to play this game and price is reasonable after the promo code, we decided to go with the buy. Anyways, it has finally come through, and here it is!

Welcome Sequence to our Board Game Collection.
Learn. Laugh. Venture.

Phoenix, Arizona

Winter in Phoenix, Arizona. (Late Post)

I have heard from people of how hot Arizona gets during the Summer. But I've never heard people talk about the brief moment of time when it gets really cold. This is the case when I visited Phoenix in December. It was cold.

Phoenix and the surrounding are have a lot of good places to eat and drink.

Check these places out.

The Order: 1886 Review

During this past weekend, one of the games I have always wanted went on a PlayStation Flash Sale. The game cost $7.99 which wasn't that bad considering the overall good reviews the game had. The game was known to have had a pretty good story as well as good graphics and gameplay. So without giving much of the story, I'll try to get my point of view of the game.
The game feels like a movie. With the 2 hours, I spent this weekend playing the game. One thing is evident. This game surely feels like a movie. To me, this isn't a bad thing. I have always been a fan of great story lines on video games. This keeps you interested in playing the game and rather than just finishing the game just because you spent money on it.

The controls are pretty good; although if you are used to Battlefield or Call of Duty or any kind of first person shooter, you'll need to adjust at the trigger button.

Overall, I like the game. It's a good buy even if you won't get it on sale.