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Yoli: Better Body System Week 1

Photo of Yoli Box
Yoli Box

Training your body to be healthier.

After a few months of thinking and planning, we finally started the using Yoli and following their suggested daily meals. I'm not going to lie; the decision to go through Yoli was made because we wanted to lose weight. This is our initial goal. And getting used to eating less and making healthier eating choices would just come second. There are people close to us that have gone through Yoli and we have heard a lot of good things about it.

These are my initial measurements:
Weight: 209.6 lbs
Waist: 43.5
Right Thigh: 27
Left Thigh: 27
Right Arm: 14
Left Arm: 14
Hips: 44

Yoli will pretty much get your metabolism going. So you will have 5 'meals' in a day. 
* Passion Drink
* Breakfast (Shake only on protein days), with a fruit on meal days
* Mid-morning Snack (2 to 4 oz of protein)
* Lunch (2 to 4 oz of protein), with veggies, complex carb and fruit on meal days
* Mid-afternoon Snack (2 to 4 oz of protein) + passion drink
* Dinner (Shake only)

What goes into each snack and lunch differs from days 1,2,4,6 and days 3,5,7. Days 1,2,4,6 are considered protein days while days 3,5,7 are meal days. The only difference is that on meal days you can have a little bit of complex carb, veggies and fruits with your protein without exceeding the given calorie count.

I thought that going through first week would be bad. Because it'll be such a change in my diet. But the day went fast and I didn't even feel it. The mid morning snack and mid afternoon snack kept me from getting hungry.

At the end of week 1 here are my measurements:
Weight: 201.8 lbs
Waist: 42
Right Thigh: 26
Left Thigh: 2
Right Arm: 14
Left Arm: 14
Hips: 44

Follow the week 2 update at Yoli Week 2


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