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Yoli: Better Body System Week 2

Photo of an opened Yoli box
Opened Yoli Box

Read up on Yoli Week 1.

This is a blog update for our second week of Yoli.

As mentioned on the first one, that went better than what I thought it would. We were able to get into the program and I felt like our body has adapted to the program. I think the hardest part now is continuing and making sure you stick to the program. One thing I've learned so far is that I don't miss the coffee as much as I think I would.

So far, everything has been great.

Week Waist Right Thigh Left Thigh Right Arm Left Arm Hips Weight
Start 43.5 27 27 14 14 44 209.6
End of Week 1 42 26 26 14 14 43 201.8
End of Week 2 42 25 25 14.5 14 43 199.4


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